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What is the background for this development?

In 2011 Treasure Island Development Corporation approved the Master Plan development of Treasure Island with approximately 8,000 new residential units including a minimum of 435 new homes for households which have experienced homelessness. The Master Plan also included the revitalization of the entire Island, with the construction of new streets and infrastructure, parks and open spaces, a community center, and neighborhood serving retail and services.


Mercy Housing was selected by the existing service provider, Catholic Charities, to be the sole developer of the 138 new apartments in at Star View Court.

Who are the architects working on this development?

The architecture team is Paulett Taggart Architects (PTA). For over 25 years, PTA has focused on the design of creative, thoughtful, economical, and livable affordable housing throughout San Francisco. PTA brings extensive experience in designing housing to serve diverse, low-income individuals and families and in working with community-based non-profits. Paulett Taggart Architects (PTA)

Who will be the management agent for this residential community?

Mercy Housing Management Group (MHMG) will be the management agent for the property and is committed to providing quality property management services that reinforce the philosophy that all residents deserve respect, dignity, and a place to call home.

Currently, MHMG manages a total of 328 affordable housing developments nationwide which includes 148 properties in California, with 48 of those in San Francisco. In the California portfolio, 71 properties serve families with a total of 2739 households.

Who will provide services for the families at Star View Court?

Mercy Housing will provide Resident Services for all residents of Star View Court. Catholic Charities will be the lead supportive service provider for the 71 Catholic Charities units. Services will be provided on-site with offices for service staff at the property.

Who are the anticipated residents of Star View Court?

Seventy-one (71) of the apartments will be replacement units for Catholic Charities’ One Treasure Island units supported by a Continuum of Care (“CoC”) contract.


Twenty-three (23) of the units are non-income restricted and are set aside for existing Treasure Island Legacy Households. These units are restricted to Legacy Households at initial occupancy and until all eligible households have received their benefit for existing Treasure Island residents. 


Up to forty-three (43) of the remaining units will be leased through the San Francisco DAHLIA Housing Portal (see below) with a preference for income qualifying Legacy Residents and Vested Residents currently living in market rate units on Treasure Island.


What is a Vested Resident?

A Vested Resident is a current resident in good standing who has continuously occupied a unit at The Villages since moving into an apartment at there between June 30, 2011 and December 11, 2019. Vested Residents were formerly referred to as “Post-DDA Tenants”.

What is a Legacy Household?

Legacy Households are current households of The Villages that are in good standing and have continuously occupied a unit at The Villages since prior to June 29, 2011. These households were formerly referred to as Pre-DDA Households. A Legacy Household may also include Benefit Eligible Residents.

How can I live in this building if I’m not a Legacy Household or Catholic Charities Household? 

Approximately 43 units will be listed on the DAHLIA Housing Portal at a later date. The DAHLIA process is managed by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development which creates a random selection procedure for applications. For specific questions regarding occupancy at Star View Court, please use the Contact link on this website.


For more information on DAHLIA, visit

When will construction be complete?

Construction completion is expected in June 2024.

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